Quality Policies

Moniport S.A. intends to be one of the leading Argentine companies regarding logistics services of international cargo transportation.

Our goals:

  • To render the best integral logistics service in international trade, including advice on legal issues and regulations, planning and feasibility study, local and international transportation, warehousing, insurance, custody and other issues about customs, banking, environment, etc.

  • To achieve the highest level of satisfaction from our clients with regards to the international physical distribution of their goods, rendering our service in the most efficient, ethical and responsible manner.

  • The continuous improvement of our service quality under an organizational growth model tending to achieve always excellence and efficiency in the processes.

We are able to reach these goals through the following approaches:

  • Establishing and keeping a Quality Management System focused on principles of excellence and a continuous improvement.

  • Identifying the needs of our clients and allocating the necessary resources.

  • Maintaining an ongoing Training program for the staff in order to enrich and update their knowledge and also to get them involved with the Company goals.

This commitment is always present in the Management and all the staff of Moniport S.A.